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Services of customs declaration of import commodities including ships, commodity container, LCL, bulk cargo with a variety of items such as wood, clothing, cloth, coat hangers, decorative breath, plastic, equipment machinery, dangerous goods,…
Perform clearance for all types such as business, investment, temporary import for re-export, temporary export – re-import, processing and export production, sample, non-commercial goods, bonded goods,…
Customs clearance services for all types of goods are imported aid goods, project cargo, exhibition, goods in transit.
Advising clients on customs declaration forms of appropriate tax access code, the customs value shall, as C / O, Full import duty and other tax policies are concerned.

Provide useful information about the regulations of other countries from Vietnam, providing customs brokerage services at the destination.




Warehousing solution as part of logistics management systems which is itself a component in the SC. It does a contribution to reduce costs and improved service, flexibility, and responsiveness by its value:

- Storing product to fulfill customer demand and protect against uncertainties in demand and lead-time

- Providing customers with product assortment

- Postponing or delaying inventory commitment to form or location until demand is better known

- Achieving low total cost and improved lead-time through consolidating multiple orders

- Reducing lead-time through cross-docking

- Sequencing materials and components from multiple third-party logistics providers for time-based delivery to factory production lines

- Performing light manufacturing, assembly, and kitting